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Welcome to our website! Here you can play  Mahjong online 24 hours a day, totally free with no registration. We have collected more than 130 various games and we’re constantly looking for new games and adding them to the website. Visit us regularly, we value every visitor and are glad that you have chosen such a useful and interesting way to spend your free time.

The most popular Mahjong games:

маджонг бабочки
Butterfly Kyodai
шанхайский маджонг
Shanghai Dynasty
маджонг коннект
Mah Jong Connect
маджонг соедини пары
Mahjong Link
сады маджонга
Mahjong Gardens
китайский маджонг
маджонг гориллы
Tiles of the Unexpected
маджонг цветочный
Mahjong Flower Tower

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All 120 Mahjong and Connect games
Nowadays the majority of mobile devices do not support games made with Flash technology. At the same time more around 80 % of online games are made with this technology. That is why we have found and added here the games that are created using HTML 5. They work on any modern mobile device perfectly.

Why Mahjong games are useful

In fact, if you use game in a right way you can benefit from them much. When you play Solitaire, Mahjong and Connect online you get the following benefits:

  • sharpen your logical thinking;
  • improve your attention span;
  • strengthen your attention focus;
  • relax.

Why our website with Mahjong online games is different

First, we value and respect our visitors and try to meet their expectations. If we did our work poor, our audience woud not reach more than 100K monthly. At the same time more than 70% of all visitors return to our website again and again. And now some quick facts about our website:

  • All games are available for free.
  • All games can be played full screen.
  • No registration required for using the website.
  • You can download games to your computer and play them offline.
  • We’re constantly looking for new games and are immediately adding them to the website.
  • We do not practice annoying advertisement.
  • At our website you can find games for any device.
  • We create video walkthroughs for every game.
  • We are always glad to communicate with our visitors.

Mahjong online will perfectly suit to those people who’d like to sharpen their logical thinking. The main audience of such games are adults who are not in a hurry and usually think over their actions several times. Sometimes we get mails from parents who encourage their children to play such games because they help to strengthen the ability to focus on certain activities.  This ability is decreasing with a catastrophic speed with their youth because of the rapidly developing technologies.