Mahjong Math

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Mahjong Math Game Description

Arithmetic and logic are integral parts of the same whole, and Mahjong Math game is a proof for that. Every pyramid in this solitaire has two types of tiles. The first type contains exact numbers and the second type contains arithmetic operations. So with tiles of the second type you need to perform those arithmetic operations to find out the exact number of that tile. As soon as you open the game in full screen there is no need to hurry – there are no time limitations. You can use hints but there is no shuffle option. One wrong move and you’ll have to restart the level. You can play this Mahjong for free unlimited number of times.

Try to match all the tiles. Tiles must be not blocked from the right or left before they can be matched. Unblocked tiles are shaded pink. Tiles with numbers and equations match when they equal the same number.

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