Mah Jongg

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Mah Jongg Game Description

Mah Jongg is a Chinese puzzle game with multi-level pyramids to train logic and attention. There is no time limit for dismantling figures on the playing field but it doesn’t make this task easier. This Mah Jongg has no hints and no shuffle option. You will need an exceptional self-control and full concentration on the tiles. If you want to have maximum convenience and play this variation of Mahjong for free, it is better to maximize it to full screen. In the left corner you can see a timer showing how much time you spent since the beginning of the game. It allows you to improve your skills in this exciting logical puzzle game.

Clear the playing filed and remove all tiles by clicking the pairs of identiical open tiles. The tile is open if it is not covered by some other tiles and if it has at least one free side.

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