Magic Links Mahjong

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Magic Links Mahjong Game Description

Magic Links Mahjong online game is an ordinary Chinese Mahjong despite its slightly strange name. To win, you need to find a logical connection between the separate pictures. They contains various animals – elephants, whales, etc. It is quite easy to solve because individual tiles differ from each other in color very much. It is very simple to start the game – you can do it without registration and for free. You need to complete each level within strictly limited amount of time, otherwise you will lose. The quicker you clear the board, the more points you earn.

This online game differs from other similar games because it has an instruction. Even a child can easily deal with it despite the fact that not everybody speaks English. That’s because it has corresponding graphic images. Magic Links Mahjong has very specific musical accompaniment. A very calm and quiet melody allows you to easily tune in to the appropriate mood that allows you to quickly solve challenges. The sound can be turned off – there is a special icon for this in the right side of the game interface.

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