Animals Cubes Mahjong



Animals Cubes Mahjong Game Description

A colorful and informative game Animals Cubes Mahjong is one of the modern variations of classic Mahjong. The game has 25 levels and you have only 4 minutes to complete each level. The playing field contains colored cubes with images of exotic animals and birds. You can play this game for free and in full screen. These multi-colored cubes have very clear images of of all the animals so that you simply cannot confuse them.

To get to the next level, you need to find a pair to each animal. Next levels become more difficult because they contain more new rows and new animals. This funny game improves your reaction and attention and is especially useful for children.

You should find two identical animals on different cubes and click on them to remove them. A cube is available for removal if it has no other cubes on top of it.

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