All-in-One Mahjong

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All-in-One Mahjong Game Description

Any person can hit his/her own record but also records of other players in this famous Chinese puzzle game called All-in-One Mahjong for free. Three design options for tiles and big variety of various layouts can be selected right in the beginning of the game. There are no time limits within the game. But your score and your place in the table of records will depend upon how quickly you will manage to disassemble the pyramid.

Convenient and colorful interface, playing field (that can be opened in full screen) – they allow you to control the number of moves and give you an ability to use hints. The layout doesn’t change automatically. If no moves are available, you will see a pop-up window and it will let you know that you need to shuffle the tiles.

Collect tiles in pairs. Use only open tiles for that. The tile is open if it has one side free from other tiles and is not covered with other tiles on top. Tiles with seasons and flowers can be mixed together.

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