3D Mahjong

Play 3D Mahjong in full screen 

3D Mahjong Game Description

Original three-dimensional cubical 3D Mahjong will change your idea of ​​Chinese card game completely. There are no cards or tiles here but only three-dimensional cubes with abstract images. Multi-level figures are made up of fully three-dimensional cubes. They can be rotated in any direction. By the way, there is no way to complete this game for free and do not rotate the figure. Time limitation makes the whole gameplay even more interesting. There are not much cubes but the time is really short. The game has no hints but shuffle option is available. The most convenient way to play 3D Mahjong is in full screen, as it povides a better opportunity to immerse yourself in the three-dimensional world of Mahjong.


You should remove all cubes from the playing field by clicking with your mouse every two identical ones. To rotate the figure you should use buttons with corresponding arrows on your keyboard.

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